Just life?

It's not just life. It's more. It's all the little things in life, that one can leave unregarded. All these little things that can make one smile. Collect them. Remind them. Your life will be different, so was mine!

Summer, Sun and lots of fun!

For a few days the weather is really warm now. I love it. I'm only wearing short trousers and a tshirt, while everyone else wears "normal" clothes like you do in spring. It's kind of fun, when everyone, who sees me says things like "Oh, you're already at summer?". It amuses me!
Monday evening I went home until thursday evening. It was also warm and I only wore flipflops. But they aren't the best shoes if you have to carry some baggage for round about 20 minutes... I quickly got mad of them and so I took 'em off and walked on barefoot.
That was when a group of guys crossed my way. They were a few years younger and were some of the "really cool kids" :D I expected everything dumb they would say. And then they were near me and one of them said laughing: "Hey, aren't you the one, who played a role in Harry Potter?"  And I was like "Hey, then where is all my money?" :D
Some of my friends considered who they could have meant. One of them said "Luna, because she always walked barefoot, because of the "Nargels" hiding her shoes". Another said that they meant Hermione, because of my hair. But they couldn't see much of my hair... So I think they meant Luna.
One of my mates wrote that evening that he would now call me Luna... :D But I think it fits! Like Luna I give a f*** if other people think I'm crazy or strange! Hey, I'm proud being crazy ;)

Greetings and love

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